Forest City Ancients

The Forest City Ancients is a Magic: The Gathering Commander league that meets on Thursdays at l.a. mood Comics & Games in downtown London, Ontario, Canada.

Leagues run for seasons consisting of 10 to 12 weeks with participants earning points through game play. Points are earned via actions like eliminating opponents or completing an in-game "achievement". The ways to earn points change from season to season, but our friendly organizers are happy to explain them to you.

Players will be randomly placed into pods of 3 to 4 players (subject to change based on participation) and given a league scoresheet that they MUST fill out. The scoresheet is used to track points scored by individual players. Failure to correctly fill out and return a sheet at the end of play will result in players scoring zero points for that match. Forest City Ancients plays two league matches per night. League matches have a 60 minute time limit followed by 4 turns per remaining player. We encourage players to keep game play moving at a reasonable pace.

Participating in the league is free! Just show up on a Thursday night starting at 630pm and enjoy playing Commander with other folks. The champion for each season gets possession a limited-edition play mat as their prize, to be defended from season to season! We value the social aspect of getting together with friends (both new and old) to play Magic in a setting where both casual and competitive players can enjoy themselves.

We have a few rules that participants must follow:

2020 Season 1 Schedule

What Are People Playing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What point system are you using?

The scoresheet we use can be found here. It's meant to be printed out in portrait mode and double-sided.

Q: Do I have to use the same deck for a league season?

No, you can use however many decks you want during a season.

Q: What is the power level like?

EDH decks can be grouped into 5 power levels:

  1. Competitive
  2. Optimized
  3. Focused
  4. Casual
  5. Jank

We encourage folks to leave the Competitive decks at home and bring decks that appeal to a more social crowd when playing.

Current Season Standings

Player Total Points
Aric L 132
Alex W 130
Brad 104
Preston R 100
Marc T 95
Nickolas B 85
Brennan W 81
Kieren 79
Kyle M 68
Scott M 67
Chris H 63
Julian P 60
Stephen R 58
Matt F 55
Marco T 48
Jack 47
Dana G 45
Ariel 37
Michael T 33
Amy 28
Takat M-N 26
Foster G 23
Steven P 20
Nevin A 14
Nick R 13
Dan B 13
Dylan M 10
Erik Y 10
Jonas 9
Kaya 9
Josh 8
Cynthia G 7
Brendan W 7
A. L. Rawn 3
Adam R 3
Nova S 2

Previous League Night Results

Results from March 5th, 2020

Player Total Points
Alex W 14
Brad 14
Preston R 13
Aric L 13
Brennan W 13
Kieren 12
Jack 10
Marco T 9
Dana G 9
Amy 9
Ariel 9
Matt F 9
Nickolas B 9
Marc T 8
Chris H 6
Adam R 3